juvenile bat July 7th, 2007

juvenile bat July 7th, 2007

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Green Chimneys, Sun June 7th, 2009

On Sunday, we went to Green Chimneys, (a children's school) where my boyfriend grew up. . . they had Raptor Day there. . .

We had a great day!! Visit my post at Silk Creek Portal to see a couple pics;)))

Hopefully, I will be blogging more again soon! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

So . .. Fate, Coincidence? Realtionships?

So, I'm not entirely sure what exactly my point is with this blog ~ however, it is not about "how do I know if I really love him?" I've never had a problem determining who I DO love, trusting it YES, knowing it, NO.

The something that is on my mind. . . is what do you think about relationships in your life? Are they random? Are they coincidence? Are they fate? . . .
Please read on. . .

Do you believe in "fate"? "Coincidence"?
Do you have a chosen path, or do you chose your path?
Is that still not something like . . fate?
Maybe . . Destiny??

1. something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune
2. the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events
3. the power or agency that determines the course of events
4. (initial capital letter) this power personified or represented as a goddess)

So in this particular event. . I would be referring to Destiny 2 ~ the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events.

Fate ~ I would be referring to my previous blog ~
( 3. that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny: Death is our ineluctable fate)

Which then bring us to fate & destiny. . . are similar or close in the same . . .
So. . . if things don't go the way we had wanted. . . is that fate . . . was it not going to happen all along & we just didn't want to accept it? Or . . we didn't initially know to begin with . . . but can't change that either way?

So . . you can live 10 yrs. . expecting. . . life to be the way it is always. . when in "reality" it wasn't ever going to be that way the 11th year? No matter what you did? Or is that in that 10th yr. . you will make a CHOICE that brings you to the new ending result of the 11th yr . . .?

Reality ~
1. the state or quality of being real
2. resemblance to what is real
3. a real thing or fact
4. real things, facts, or events taken as a whole; state of affairs: the reality of the business world; vacationing to escape reality
5. Philosophy
a. something that exists independently of ideas concerning it
b. something that exists independently of all other things and from which all other things derive
6. something that is real
7. something that constitutes a real or actual thing, as distinguished from something that is merely apparent
8. in reality, in fact or truth; actually: brave in appearance, but in reality a coward)

As you can see . . I have been having some real deep thoughts with myself lately. . its been really bugging me. . .

My friend talked of this book . . in the book apparently the woman (I think it was a woman author) says that everyone has known each other before. . . at certain point in this lifetime. . . you will meet . . . life is about pain because in the "other place" its beautiful. . or whatever. . i can vaguely remember . . . what was said about the book - except that she had said . . at certain points in your life . . you will meet certain people. Then. . you have several outlets. . that could change the course of the relationship with that person. . . I'm curious to find this book if anyone knows the one I am talking about, please let me know!!

So there are other things on my mind as well . . can you have just a "friendship" (1) with someone . . without having any type of intimacy? (7?) - Not necessarily sexual. . but is there not an intimacy to a "friendship"? (So even still if we go with 1. . there is still a "relationship" to the situation . . as there is the person's "consideration of the other's feelings").

Friendship ~
1. the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person's friendship
2. a friendly relation or intimacy
3. friendly feeling or disposition

Intimacy ~
1. the state of being intimate
2. a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group
3. a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.: an intimacy with Japan
4. an act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, affection, or the like: to allow the intimacy of using first names
5. an amorously familiar act; liberty
6. sexual intercourse
7. the quality of being comfortable, warm, or familiar: the intimacy of the room
8. privacy, esp. as suitable to the telling of a secret: in the intimacy of his studio)

What about a relationship that is just sexual? Are there no feelings at all in a sexual relationship? Can 2 beings have a sexual relationship with no feelings for one another?

So, what is a relationship anyway? Do we not have "relationships" basically with everyone we deal with? like it or not?

Relationship ~
1. a connection, association, or involvement
2. connection between persons by blood or marriage
3. an emotional or other connection between people: the relationship between teachers and students
4. a sexual involvement; affair)

Commitment ~
1. the act of committing
2. the state of being committed
3. the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself
4. a pledge or promise; obligation: We have made a commitment to pay our bills on time
5. engagement; involvement: They have a sincere commitment to religion
6. perpetration or commission, as of a crime
7. consignment, as to prison
8. confinement to a mental institution or hospital: The psychiatrist recommended commitment)

So. . . relationships . . . friendship is a type of relationship. . . relationships have commitments. . if a being does not want commitment. . . does that mean they can not accept a friendship for what it is?
They can't deal with someone . . . being a "friend"?

Also. . if you are a "friend" of someone . . who doesn't want your "commitment" . . and you know. . you care about them. . . what's wrong with that? Do you still consider a friendship, regardless? Or. . . is it an uphill "battle" so-to-speak?

People who do not want relationships. . shut you out . . they don't want your friendship .. or think they don't.

Do people come to this situation because of a natural mistrust of others that most people seem to have?

Or does it come from being hurt by others?

I know for me, I have the worst time accepting guys for what they are. . and just trusting in general. So, I guess, partly I think it comes from a natural instinct to NOT trust. . . for the fear of being hurt ~ but also through the actions of others hurting you ~ you can not trust. . . or accept that someone may just genuinely care about you.

The point to all this?? Not a whole lot to anyone but me right now . . just have had MANY things on my mind. . several friends going through some issues & what not ~ and I've just been thinking a lot. . . the bad thing about being sick . . there isn't anything else TO DO!:( I can't really give a lot of detail at this time. . about why this is all on my mind. . hopefully, one day I will be able to. Hopefully. . . . because if I don't get to talk about it soon .. I will probably burst. . I need someone to talk to about this stuff. . . I've got so much on my mind anymore. . I just don't know what to think!!